Saturday, June 19, 2010

Gerron Levi Robo Call

I just received a robo call promoting Gerron Levi for Prince George's County Executive, but the call was more about Sheriff Michael Jackson than Levi. The "caller" suggests that Jackson's focus on his campaign for County Executive is to blame for the high number of warrants that have not been served by the Sheriff's office. I didn't hear how many warrants the caller claimed were unserved. "Don't be fooled by the large signs, " the caller also warned. It's clear who Gerron Levi views as the competition in this race.

The robo call came from area code 202 - not from gorgeous Prince George's.


  1. I have heard that there are 48,000 or 50,000 warrants have not been delivered. I suppose the clerk of the court would know the exact number.

  2. Hellmut, I spent 20 minutes or so trying to search the Internet, but I wasn't able to find the numbers. I just might not have been using the right search phrases. I did find someone who commented on another blog that indicated that there were 30,000 when Jackson took office and 48,000 now.

  3. Is all these the reason Jackson's camp is sending this email about Geron ? check out this Blog.