Friday, June 11, 2010

This Week in the Bowie Blade-News

Mayor Robinson Reacts to Memorial Day Parade Concerns
The Bowie Blade-News published several letters from readers last week criticizing the length, focus and some of the participants of Bowie's 2010 Memorial Day Parade, and Bowie Mayor G. Fred Robinson responded this week with a letter of his own. Mayor Robinson took responsibility for the parade's outcome, he apologized to the community, and he promised to make any changes necessary to prevent future Memorial Day parades from turning into political rallies. Mayor Robinson also thanked the many volunteers and city workers who helped with the parade. Click here to see Mayor Robinson's letter and the rest of this week's Readers' Views section of the Bowie Blade-News, and click here to see the concerns expressed by readers in last week's Bowie Blade-News

The following are other stories appearing in this week's Bowie Blade-News.

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