Thursday, June 3, 2010

News from the Bowie Star

Virginia Terhune and others at the Bowie Star (aka Gazette) have been busy covering news around Bowie this week. Save yourself a trip to the driveway, and read these hi-lights.

Whitehall/Kenilworth Redistricting
The school redistricting plan affecting Whitehall Elementary and Kenilworth School is back in the news. Prince George’s County Board of Education Chair Verjeana M. Jacobs said that she plans on visiting both schools to validate that the data used in making the decision to transfer 140 students from Whitehall to Kenilworth. Despite the planned visits, the work necessary to make the transfers a reality has started. Click here to read the Bowie Star story. You can also see a three part video from a related Bowie News & Views segment by clicking on the following links: video 1 of 3, video 2 of 3, video 3 of 3. Read a June 25th update to this story by clicking here.

Speed Cameras Soon on Belair Drive
The City of Bowie Police Department is reporting that speed cameras will be operating by mid-June on Belair Drive at the Bowie High School Annex. $40 citations will be issued for drivers going 37 mph or higher, and there will be no warning period. Click here to read the Bowie Star story.

Difficult Path to Graduation for one Bowie High Student
Sean Newman is one of 700 Bowie High School seniors receiving diplomas today at the University of Maryland's Comcast Center. Newman had to struggle through difficult times to reach graduation day following the murder of his mother. Click here to read the Bowie Star story.

The following are other stories appearing in this week's Bowie Star.

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