Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Two Charged for Bowie High School Beating

The Washington Post Crime Scene Blog is reporting that two boys have been charged as juveniles for the videotaped beating of a 17 year old student at Bowie High last Friday. One source indicated that the victim was able to identify the suspects by searching through yearbook pictures, but another report indicates that the attackers were identified via school surveillance footage.

The attack video was posted on Facebook and YouTube, but YouTube removed the video from its Web site. Footage can now be seen on the WJLA ABC 7 Web site.

The suspects face expulsion.

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  1. this is wrong!!! SO WRONG!!

  2. where is the justice for this child!!!

  3. This is a school not a jail house.

  4. where are their parents?This child was just trying to get an education for himself.Where are their parents?

  5. Anonymous, You can punish those involved, but unfortunately, you can't take back what the victim went through. I'm sure that this will stay with the victim for a long time.