Thursday, July 22, 2010

Serial Killer's Mother/Daughter Profile may Match Bowie Murder

According to a report by WUSA Channel 9, the murder of Bowie resident Vilma Artis Butler may match the mother/daughter profile of the 2009 Largo killings allegedly committed by a serial killer who is currently in custody. Butler's daughter was not at home on the night of the murder because she had left to attend a training class. A family friend is speculating that the killer may have intended to kill both Butler and her daughter, but Butler's daughter had a change in her routine that caused her to be away from home. Click here to see the WUSA report.

Details about the suspect in custody are slowly emerging. Another WUSA report reveals details of an Accokeek home invasion in 2008 that is linked to the suspected serial killer. Click here to see the WUSA report.

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